1. Do for one person what I wish that I could do for everyone, but can’t.
4. Give more money away than I keep. And do it in a way that takes away the power of money and celebrates the power of love.
6. Do something really nice – that no one sees or knows about.
7. Compliment someone I have a hard time complimenting… and mean it.
11. Rather than emphasizing the best of myself and finding the worst in others – let me work on the worst in myself and look for the best in others.

Author and activist Shane Claiborne’s Resolutions 1,4,6,7 & 11 of “13 Hopes for 2013”

I will volunteer at a new non-profit every day for a month, balancing service with daily life and full-time work. I will publish and share the experience of being “super hero for a month” to encourage the hero in all of us.

Wandering Visionary

Simply to give more of my time to help those that need it. Life is too short to sit on the couch.

In partnership with my husband, we will start a US chapter to support the work of the development organization in our community in Morocco—building bridges, connections, and opportunities.

This year I pledge to be positive, work harder for God’s kingdom and take time to listen to people.

To value every moment, every interaction, to make the present beautiful for everyone I come across.

Anup Sharma

I resolve to spread the love and joy that I have ever so graciously been given, by being a better daughter, sister, titi (auntie), community leader and minister. Loving, sharing, serving and caring with and on purpose!

Many Blessings!


In 2013, I will strive to make faith a source of pride and a force for good in my life and in our region.

Abby Stamelman Hocky, Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia

Along with others connected to Zones of Peace (www.interfaithcenterpa.org/si/zop), I pledge to be an instrument of God’s peace: to make my home and neighborhood zones of peace, free of fear, filled with respect, and marked by deeds of kindness.

Rev. Nicole Diroff, Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia

Prepare and serve a meal at my local homeless shelter once a week.

In 2013, I pledge to involve my children in a service project once a month. I want to build hearts of service.

LaToya Baldwin Clark

In 2013, I plan on holding myself to a higher standard as a son, brother, student, and friend. Moreover, I resolve to turn the uncomfortable in my life into comfortable.


Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

I resolve to find that strength within in moments of darkness, and use it to foster better relationships with those around me, in hopes that a ripple of kindness will spread far and wide, especially reaching those who need light.

SS, San Francisco

I resolve to no longer pass judgement on others and on myself. To realize every person is perfect and it is impossible to find fault in perfection.